Fleur Cowles and her Flair

I have a bad habit of collecting vintage books, it's a serious problem... and I love it. One of the collections I treasure most is every issue ever of Flair Magazine. I initially bought Flair Annual (center), and watched everything "Flair" on Ebay and less than a year later I got these collectible binders with the magazines enclosed.

This bold publication was an execution of the vision of the incredible Fleur Cowles, it only lasted a year because of the high price tag, which didn't even cover the cost of production. It had various different printing techniques, foldouts, and papers, and it was worth it. She lived a luxurious life and her magazine showcased her lifestyle. She wrote a memoir called "She Made Friends and Kept Them" which included a number of her famous friends. Below is a piece by Saul Steinberg

Below is a piece by Salvador Dali

As you can see what was really remarkable was the way she considered how the reader uses the book, the joy of turning the page, and in short sheets, how covering and revealing one part of a page changes it entirely. Look below, the way the the reader is invited to joyfully interact with the book. I also enjoy the limited use of color, as is visible here, it really draws the eye in.

everything had a personal touch and it was all her own, all the way back to a navy sheet with metallic writing in the first issue, introducing the reader to her "Flair."