Zanerian Manual

A signature is like a firm handshake on paper, a lasting impression, and in the early to mid twentieth century penmanship was an art. The Zanerian Manual was written by Earl A. Lupfer, who, at the time worked at the Zanerian College: a school specializing in the pen arts and business writing. After several decades this book is still considered the bible to master penmen, especially in Engrossers Script or Roundhand.(formal script with shaded letters in both upper and lowercase) It also includes several fun alphabets after it's in-depth instruction into Roundhand.

Due to the popularity and demand for the book there is a reproduction available via John Neal Bookseller, but I was fortunate enough to find a vintage copy on alibris (snatched it up when I saw a copy for under $50.) It's a pretty useful site, I've used it to find vendors and I think in this case I was able to call the bookseller and have them describe the condition.

One of the things I love about this book (aside from it's smell) is the ephemera that came with it. the last several pages of the book were blank, intended for scrapbooking and the previous owner included some examples of lettering they liked. There is even a correspondence between the owner of the book and it's writer: Earl A. Lupfer. I wanted to post some pictures of my own penmanship practice but they don't compare to these penman. Those free flowing flourishes and flares. It really makes me appreciate the fame of John Hancock, immortalized in his signature.