hi my name is lexi and...

I am a book jacket designer at St. Martins Press working in New York City with incredible people. I went to school at Portfolio Center in Atlanta GA, and have since taken classes at Type@Cooper, which has given me skill in type design.

    I believe cumin is magical and I have yet to find an occasion where white wine is a better choice than red. Ask me about salt, I love it.

    A non food-related belief I have is that what makes us human is our sense of awe. That no other creature can be amazed like we can, and I try to find and convey fascination in each of my designs. I am especially interested in branding and typography. 

What I can offer a team is an eye for detail, technical skills across the adobe creative suite, helpful feedback and fascination.

Feel free to contact me for opportunities or to ask me about salt.

Want to know more about me? Check out my blog.